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With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, WPL Group that the best way to address our clients' development issues is to understand their business and industry. Your business case or project is important to us. Below you can find out more about our areas of specialisation.

Corporate Finance

Business Meeting

We help companies resolve financing issues and arrange the necessary debt or equity financing. If necessary, we are involved in the preparation of the business plan and the review of the strategy.

Construction Project and Real Estate Financing

Analyzing Data

We arrange development financing or investors for both smaller and larger projects and real estate investments. We mainly work with recognized international financial institutions.

Real Estate Development

Under Construction

We have been involved in several large real estate development projects both in Finland and internationally. We take the responsibility for developing the project to be profitable and to meet the client’s objectives.

Corporate Finance

Industry & Corporate Financial Advisors 

Securing an international investor to accelerate business growth, total company financing, investment financing, financing of MBO or generational change.

Comprehensive Analysis

With years of experience and expertise, we detect and are able to analyse the necessary and relevant information of the client company. We go through in depth the client’s objectives, expectations and situation so that we can structure the right kind of information package for financiers and investors.

Market Analysis

    Company Presentation                                                 (for Investors and Financiers)

We prepare a comprehensive presentation of the client company for investors and financiers. The presentation will provide investors and financiers a comprehensive fact-based package of information about the company, its operations, profitability and the current state and future potential of the business for decision making.

Analyzing Graphs

Financial Modelling

Financial issues are often complex and require multiple perspectives and familiarity with the figures. It is essential to develop a broad financial model based on facts and the best available information to assess and present the financial potential of a company’s business.

Financial Report

Investor placement                                        

(Getting the investor or financier involved)

With the help of a good and comprehensive project presentation, the necessary debt financing or final investor can be arranged for the client. We support our clients throughout the process from the beginning to the conclusion of the agreements.

Euro Coin

Development Finance

(Financing of construction projects and real estate investments)

Financing an individual project or project portfolio, acquiring a real estate investor.

Comprehensive Analysis

We review the target project or investment and the client’s objectives and expectations so that we can structure a clear information package for the financiers or investors about the object.

Making Notes

Project Presentation

We prepare a clear presentation for the financiers about the project to be funded and the need for funding or for the investors about the proposed investment. Through the presentation, the financiers can assess the suitability of the project for their financial products and investors can assess the suitability for their investment portfolio.


Investor & Financing placement

(Getting the financier or investor involved)

With the help of a compelling and comprehensive project presentation, the necessary debt financing or final investor can be arranged for the client. We support our clients throughout the process from the beginning to the conclusion of the agreements.


Real Estate Development 

Increasing the value of property through project development.

Object Analysis

(Analysis of the possibilities of the object)

We get acquainted with the target plot or existing property and evaluate the best use of the object and development opportunities.

Construction Site

Project Development

The project is developed in such a way that the set financial, operational and other objectives are achieved. The role of project development is extremely important, as the financial profitability of the project is very much determined at this stage.

Architect hold plans

Project Implementation

During the implementation of the project, we can act as the client's representative to monitor the implementation of the project in accordance with the objectives and be responsible for the necessary stakeholder relations.

Construction Manager

WPL Group Clients

Our clients expect professional, efficient and confidential service and we meet this requirement. We work with companies, from listed companies to SMEs . Most of our assignments are confidential and we do not use them publicly as references. Should a new client require a reference, it may be possible, to provide such a reference, under non-disclosure agreement and subject to the agreement of the reference provider.


We will be happy to tell you in more detail how we can help your company find an investor to accelerate business growth or implementing the necessary funding.


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